Lane's Cove

Sundays After Church

By: - Sep 29, 2018

Lane’s Cove

Sunday mornings
In Lanesville
Hill above the beach
Sacred Heart Church
Family weddings and funerals
Circa 1950s
Greeted the Sullivans
Went to their cottage
Cousin Dennis
Gifted trial lawyer
Died far too young
Their rental in Lane’s Cove
Since grandly enlarged
Next to the breakwater
Later in ruins
Bashed by winter storms
Blizzard of ‘78
Monster waves
Bringing it down
Now under repair
Massive effort
Enormous blocks
Local granite
Giant cranes
Lifting them in place
Gentle harbor
Where Finns lived
Visited their sauna
Long since closed
Sweet sublime refuge
Once again sheltered
From torrents of memory
Landmark along pilgrimage trail
Shrines of when
Growing up absurd
Before the fog of war