Art in Narrow Streets

By: - Oct 03, 2015

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Ebb and low
Covering a festival
Glut of information
Too much to absorb
Keeping pace
Three performances
Each day
Late into night
Absurdist cabaret
Making friends
Fellow travelers
Comparing notes
Thumbs up and down
morituri te salutamus
Actors from Albany
Sharp insights
Meals on the run
Dozens of oysters
Glorious weather
Art on the beach
Seeing friends Jay and Chris
Soaking up sun
Face scorched and blistered
Deck of the Boatslip
September heat wave
Early in the week
P’Town all but deserted
Late night stroll
Empty narrow streets
By weekend
Carnival in the streets
Gonzo parade
Throngs of day trippers
Through fall
Festivals upon festivals
During our visit
Not just Ten on Tenn
But Pet Appreciation
Men acting like dogs
Sniffing each other
Puppy love
Next week Mailer
Something for everyone
Away from the crowd
Walks on the beach
Spectacular views
Rare lunar eclipse
Miracles by the sea
Where artists
Live and breathe