Shooting into the Ranks

The Mighty Are Falling

By: - Oct 04, 2015

Shooting Into the Ranks

More funerals than weddings
The hour glass flipped
More sand on bottom than top
Shocked by death of Paul
Artist and colleague
By motorcycle last week
At barely 49
Doing the math of survival
Struggling to outlive assets
Ever diminished resources
Lunch with colleague
Discussing symptoms
Sharing those of friends
At theatre last night
Hearing of a conflict
Three funerals in one day
Opted to stay home
Rather than insult them
With his absence
Impossible to decide
They come in clumps now
Like twenty-somethings
Starting families
Focus on elaborate celebrations
Outspending each other
Burials are more modest
Solemn and sincere
Not being around to hear
What’s said of us
Asked what he would say
Given the occasion
Paused to consider
Put on the spot
Insightful and oblivious
Blurted out with laughter
Over the won ton