Every Other Sunday

Dad in the Kitchen

By: - Oct 06, 2015


Every Other Sunday

Martin Mugar quoted his dad
An Armenian
That WASPS don’t know
How to eat
Sad but true
No funk in blue blood
Every other Sunday
In our home
Maid’s day off
Dad rattled
The pots and pans
That started with the sauce
On Saturday night
Slowly simmering
Italian Wedding Soup
With tiny meatballs
While we went to church
Pious Catholics
Fearing hell
He took his chances
Staying to tend
The kitchen
Chicken basted with
Oregano and lemon
Crisp tasty skin
After the soup
Tomato sauce
Italians call it gravy
Over the pasta on
Thursday when
The maid was
Out on the town
After dinner
Office hours down stairs
Jo and I fought
Over washing up