Cat Named Cat

By: - Oct 07, 2016


tiny as an acorn
a mushroom ball
on the grass path

you know
dogs' sense of smell
is twenty five times ours
they can have it
think about diesel fumes
maybe they have a way
of blocking the noxious
they can smell two odors
at the same time

you know
trees talk to each other
it takes a long time
there's a whole book
tells about that
it's interesting
thank you for bringing
that up
beech trees and birches
don't like each other
you never see them together

from a distance
it looks like
you're walking cats
I had a cat
bigger than your dogs
my daughter found it
somewhere in the woods
she had a list of names
we took it to the vet
and I told her
we're naming it cat
she couldn't make up
her mind
I love animals!
they're so much fun!