The Only Miracles Back Up Smokey Robinson

On Smoke and Mirrors

By: - Oct 08, 2014


The Only Miracles Back Up Smokey Robinson


Let me get this straight.

Christianity grew out of a magic trick?

They nailed him up,

His lungs gave out,

They brought him down dead.

(Presto Christo!?)


Three days after they buried him,

He rose up and they all went gaga.

(Abra Cadaver!?)


He said he just realized he forgot his hat.

But he never had a hat.

He was delirious.

They were delirious.

Nobody had a hat.


Centuries of sunstroke

Made them see messiahs

Around every corner.


They put out the eyes of those who

Dared to see without believing

They cut off the ears of those who

Listened to a louder god

They gutted for the sake of gutting

They offered psalms to the poor

And pulled rabbis out of hats


So, from that day forward

Every Jewish man

To keep his sanity,

To keep his piety.

And to keep himself apart

From the victims of magic

And misery

Keeps his head covered.