Benchmark of Time and Space

By: - Oct 08, 2015

Mom Mom


Grain of sand
On the beach
Of space and time
Way of measuring
Human progress
Few cross that line
Lives spanning
A daunting hundred years
Now having reached
Three quarters
Of that challenge
Better understanding
My aging mom’s
Five year plans
At eighty told me
All down hill from here
She remained alert
Bright, engaged and feisty
Into her nineties
Retired physician
Lobster and martinis
Until the very end
Loved books on tape
Never missed
Masterpiece Theatre
Yesterday Rikki Rudd
Beloved by all
Mother of the artist Eric
Passed at 102
Such a grand dame
Of Danish heritage
Journalist and potter
Sky-diving to celebrate
Turning ninety
Such an inspiration
Those magnificent ladies
Joining the cosmos
For an infinity
That awaits us all