Grroving High with a Bahai

By: - Oct 08, 2015

Dizzy Dizzy


Greatest ever jazz concert
Massey Hall, Toronto
May 15, 1953
Bird and Diz
Mingus recorded it
Bud Powell dead drunk
Max on drums
Salt Peanuts
Best of bop
Winging it
Post War wail
Cry for freedom
Dizzy bouncing off stage
Checking the fight
Marciano vs. Jersey Joe Walcott
Night of heavweights
Even Miles
Never topped it
Except for
Kind of Blue
Second best album
Released six years later
Defining another generation
Then elderly Dizzy
Frequent visitor
No longer
Groovin High
In fact a Bahai
Fine and mellow
Cheeks puffed out
Like a blow fish
Upturned bell of horn
Blistering upper register
Ferocious riffs
Memories of Bird
Dimmed with age
Spin around Boston Harbor
Hanging with hipsters
Cruising and bopping
Hugs for arts elder
Elma Lewis
Gulping in salt air
Of what was