Bicycle Thief

Like Gatsby

By: - Oct 10, 2015


Bicycle Thief

The first word of
Ubu roi
By Alfred Jarry
Opened and closed
December 10, 1896
It is what Alain Didot
French Adonis
Emerging from the
Brattle Theatre
Where we saw a
Film by Fellini
His bike was stolen
Quickly he copped
Another and pedaled
Home to the
Cambridge pad
Walls decorated with
Engraved invitations
To Paris soirees
With frail Ravi
Crammed into my
Quirky Alfa Romeo
Drove to P’Town
Broke back then
La Boheme
Slept in the dunes
First light
In to town
Portuguese bakery
Fresh bread
Dawn on the docks
Later came into
His inheritance
Me in the Lower East Side
Came by wearing
Fancy suit hand tailored
Took me with Susan
Restaurant above my
Pay grade
Different then
An aristocrat
Wasn’t the same
Coming to NY
Laundering cash
My loft with no phone
Later his twist
In tears came by
Alain like Gatsby
Drowned in his pool