Letter to Chris Busa

For No Good Reason

By: - Oct 10, 2015


Just saying hello
For no good reason
Noting recent interactions
Live and by e mail
Past and present
Snake shedding skin
So many outward personas
Detritus of human nature
While the same DNA rattles within
Bound by the past
Never shaking free
Always ready to invent
Since August, 2014
First book, 100 poems
Second due soon another 137
Since going to press
As of today 52 more
Actually now 53
If you count this
Not making sense
It all adds up
As Jane Baker would say
From Bournemouth
Or Hudson
Rifkin adding comments
Robert saying nothing
Astrid smiled
In that knowing way
Larry shrugs
Half way to next book
To be read by perhaps
Another hundred people
By any logic vanity
A fool's errand
Satisfying just to do it
In some ways
Such conceit
And in others
Given the scheme of things
Not at all
Trivial next to the whoosh
Time zooming by
Into a void
Which neither makes sense
Or gives a damn
We totter and dodder on
Looking for love
In all the wrong places
On a bright October day
Nothing to be done