Red Sox From Last To First

A Prose Poem for 2013 World Series Win

By: - Nov 02, 2013

Wearing my lucky 2004 cap

I went to the 6th Game 

During bottom of 5th inning

Stood around 

Near concession stands 

Watching monitors

Ate Fenway Frank 

With last mustard of the season

Spoke to a couple of people

Excitement punctuated their words

Energy building

Until 8th inning

Walked into packed stadium 

To sing Sweet Caroline 

Crowd on its feet and swaying

Buzz and emotion palpable

Saw a former neighbor with his wife 

In box seats between home and third

Sixth row up

Very good sightlines and very close

They invited me to stand with them 

For rest of game

Squeezed in

Things started to unfold

Bearded players

Moved like dancers

Eighth inning ended quickly 

Ninth inning

Tension in stands 

Could be cut with a knife

Police and security appeared

Quickly surrounded edges of Dream field

No one seated

Park of Hope

Still nervous fans held up three fingers

Then two

Then one 

Last strike 

And cheers

No, a roar

Kisses, hugs, high fives, smiles

No tears

Team of Destiny

The Sox had done it

Trophy brought out 

Podium unfolded

Commissioner Bud Selig droned on

Owner John Henry smiled

Big Papi recognized

Cameras, reporters

Crowds of baseball family members 

Flooded on the field

Red Sox Nation redeemed

Boston Strong