Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik

Avant-garde Icons

By: - Nov 04, 2015

Paik Paik Paik Paik Paik

Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik

Julliard graduate
Nude cellist
Charlotte Moorman
Performed Cage
For Master’s thesis
To faculty only
Unique protocol
Denied access to
Fellow students
Fear of corrupting them
Avant-garde virus
Friends with Astrid
Also collaborator
Nam June Paik
Charlotte played him
Like a fiddle
Twitching between her legs
Bare to the waist
Spastic blinking
Smashing glass
Slapping him
With her bow
Seemed odd and comical
At the time
Iconic memories
Nobody laughing now
Multi media and performance
Masters of our time
Watching her fitted
For his TV Bra
Out there take on
Boobs Tube