Jack Lyons

Valulting Broadway Candlesticks

By: - Nov 16, 2015

Jack jack

Jack Lyons

Hollywood Insider
Nimble and Quick
Titubating down Broadway
Mid eighties
Me breathless
Keeping pace
Vaulting candlesticks
Back stage at Hamilton
With Leslie Odom
Knows his
Old friends
Got us tickets
Great seats
Hottest show in town
Or Sardi’s
Radiant Kathleen Chalfant
Breakfast this morning
Hashing it out
In every sense
Over easy
Corned beef with eggs
Tall tales
Like Shecky Green
From the hood
Decades later
Recalling Chicago
Your dad was a cop
The comic said
Seems they met
On the steps
Hello and goodbye
Moving in and out
Of the same apartment
On stage in Vegas
Telling the story
What are the odds
I got a million
Jack drolled
Spry and feisty
Milton Berle
After breakfast
Back to the left coast
Supper in balmy
Palm Springs
Land of coconuts
A desert ratso rizzo
With a twist
Lonesome Cowboy
Remembering beloved