E Pluribus Unum

Syrians Not Welcome in Massachusetts

By: - Nov 21, 2015


E Pluribus Unum

Unless you are Native American
We are all immigrants
Descendants and survivors
Of a bloody history
The American Genocide
Lord Geoffrey Amherst
Solving the Indian problem
With gifts of smallpox blankets
The Chinese slaughters and Exclusion
Japanese Americans
Incarcerated during WWII
Jews excluded
Fleeing Nazi Germany
Hispanics harassed
Cubans drowned
Trying to reach Florida
Slaves from Africa
Owned by
Too many creepy Presidents
Including Washington, Jefferson
Indian fighter
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
Perhaps Christo
Should wrap
The Statue of Liberty
No longer relevant
Governor Charlie Baker
Doesn’t want Syrians
In Massachusetts
Home of the
Sons of Liberty
Fear of terrorism
ISIS among refugees
Mostly women and children
The tired, poor and hungry
We used to welcome
After Paris
Fear is palpable
Freezing the Heartland
As winter approaches