Free Willie

At 83 Still on the Road Again

By: - Dec 13, 2015


Free Willie

B.B. King
Named his guitar
For Willie Nelson
After the horse
Of Roy Rogers
Bashed and battered
Its face hacked
Hole where
Pickin over the years
Just cut through
Up close you see
Names scratched in
Weathered face
Chiseled like
Mt. Rushmore
As iconic as
Them presidents
Just as patriotic
In wacko way
Signature braids
Now gray
Same strap
Red, white and blues
Around his neck
Signature bandana
Nothing really changes
Wavering craggy voice
Indigenous Stradivarius
Crooning Outlaw Country
Lyrics sting
Rough life
Paying his dues
Takes no prisoners
On the road again
And again and again
Whiskey River
Flowing on
Reefer madness
Up in smoke
Fine and mellow
Now 83
Survived the IRS
Still out there
Far as the eye can see