Alice's Restaurant

Now Fifty Years Ago

By: - Dec 18, 2015

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Alice's Restaurant

Fiftieth anniversary
Can you believe it
Alice's Restaurant
Concert at the Colonial
PBS broadcast
I spoke to Arlo
Shango said
Alice's Breast Flaunt
Scandalous article
Trashed our friends
Tabloid journalism
You wrote it
Both laughing
No I didn't
Protesting yet again
False accusations
Among many
Through the years
Come on Big
You know you did
More laughter
Now out of hand
Yet again
At my expense
Added to all the rest
Bad stuff on me
Much of it true
Just ask anyone
Beast of the Berkshires
But not this one
Never flaunted
Alice's breast
Not even tempted
Oh come on admit it
No way
Cop to it Big
It's just a part
Of your legend
Ok then
I didn't do it but
Yes to everything