Julia Child

America's Original Top Chef

By: - Dec 20, 2015


Julia Child

PBS 1960s
Julia Child
Giant of the kitchen
Taught America
If not to cook
At least to appreciate
Fine French cuisine
Often with homey
Pratfalls ended
Shows with
A meal on the table
A glass of wine
That high pitched
Bon appetite
Launched my passion
For chef shows
Dining we
Cannot afford
Flavors and savors
Above our pay grade
Of Michelin stars
Fun to discuss
With Robert
Who dined in many
Top restaurants
Days of wine and roses
Or Fast Eddy
Who keeps journals
Of great dinners
And cocktails
Domestic and international
Julia shopped
Around the corner
Jack Savenor
Personal butcher
My landlord
Who knew her meat
Julia was at least six feet
As big as me
Stood tall among
Cambridge celebrities