Dad Cooked

In the Kitchen on Christmas Eve

By: - Dec 24, 2015

Dad Dad Dad Dad

Dad Cooked

Dad not big on shopping
No presents under the tree
For Jo, Pip and Me
Red envelopes
Crisp with cash
1760 Beacon Street
Our office/ home
Snowed a lot in the '50s
My job to shovel
Path for the patients
Light the porch
Dug out the cars
Christmas Eve
Candles in the windows
As we strung lights
Draped tinsel
Wrapped presents
Toys for Pip
From Woolworths
At Coolidge Corner
He made egg nog
With real eggs
A splash of booze
Like we had last night
Astrid and I
Toasting the Holidays
Gluten free soy milk
Laced with dark
Meyer's rum
Dad's Sicilian caponata
Eggplant, celery, tomato, capers
Mushrooms and olives
On toasted bread
Family dinner
With our cousins
Pip and Ellen
Played doctor
Thoroughly examining
Young Dennis
In Mom's office
With real instruments
During dinner
Uncle Jimmy said
Hey Doc this is great
What is it
Marinated octopus
The Sullivans gasped
Spit it out
Visions of
7,000 Leagues Under the Sea
No fun to dine
With the Irish
So corned beef and cabbage
After dinner
Dad at the piano
Christmas songs
Even the Sullivans
Sang along