Peter Wolf

Blues in Harvard Square

By: - Dec 25, 2015

Wolf Wolf wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf

Peter Wolf

Heart and soul
Wolf Man
With artist Paul Shapiro
On guitar
First DJ
Went rock
At midnight
From the Tea Party
Oooffa woofa
Wamma jamma
Beautiful tragic Edie
Later J Geils Band
Mario the Big M
Discovered them
Blue eyed soul
Signed with Atlantic
Heavy hitter
Frank Barsalona
Tons of hits
They broke up
Bad vibes
Peter hosted
Muddy Waters
Birthday party
Blues master
Mother to us all
Passing through
Mississippi via Chicago
Neighbor in the
Murder Building
University Road
Harvard Square
Annie Liebovitz
In from Frisco
Shooting him for
Rolling Stone
When not on the road
Through the alley
Past Casa B
And Harvest
To Cardell's
For breakfast
Detour to marry
Faye Dunaway
The lady makes demands
Introduced him
A starry night
Pip this is Peter
Peter this is Pip
So long ago
When rock
Was young