Muddy Waters

Mississippi Goddam

By: - Dec 27, 2015


Muddy Waters

McKinley Morganfield
A.K.A. Muddy Waters
Born in Clarksdale
Mississippi Goddam
Fiercest of the States
Where the blues
Was spawned
Back porch pickin
Country dances
Tornado blew through
This week
Leveling homes
Causing death
Where so much
Misery found its
Way into song
Field recordings
Library of Congress
Alan Lomax 1940s
Down in the Delta
On Stovall's plantation
Acoustic guitar
Simple country blues
Where it all began
Before he went
Electric in Chicago
For Chess Records
Got his mojo working
Like a Rolling Stone
Visiting London
In the '50s brought
Blues to Keith, Mick
Named their group
After him a living
God on earth for
British rockers
Transformed his tunes
Taken from Son House
And Robert Johnson
King of the Delta Blues
Love in Vain
For the Stones
Clapton's Cream
Low and slow
Muddy at
His best then
Amped up for
Arena rock
Led Zepplin
London sessions with
Muddy and Howlin Wolf
Taking them to school
Even Clapton
Slide it down slow
Wolf counting out
The beat like Fred Below
Always underneath
The tune or set to
Willie Dixon on bass
Little Walter's soulful
Mississippi Saxophone
Inspired Magic Dick
Snow Cone with
J. Geils Band
Singer Peter Wolf
Worshiped Muddy
The source
That memorable
Birthday Party
Jazz Workshop
In his '80s then
Loved by all
Not like Howlin Wolf
Who scared the shit
Out of us
I asked for water
You gave me gasoline
The few times he
Blew in from the
Windy City
Before House
Of Blues was
A franchise
When every garage band
Knew all the licks