33rd Annual Re-Rooters Day Ceremony

Created by Provincetown Artist Jay Critchley

By: - Dec 30, 2015

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33rd Annual Re-Rooters Day Ceremony

Families spend
Mega bucks
Lighting the tree
Brightening homes
During holidays
Joy for children
Then unceremoniously
Stripped of decorations
Dry needles shedding
Heaved in trash
Seduced and abandoned
Undignified detritus
Waste and disgrace
Provincetown artist
Jay Critchley
Honors these
Wounded warriors
Signifiers of forests
Feng shui
Nature and environment
Re-rooters Day
Now the 33rd year
Tree Valhalla
Given Viking burial
Burned in a boat
Floating out to sea
Honored with ceremony
Wishes and resolutions
Offerings for the flames
Chanting along the shore
Spirit of Christmas
Laid to rest
Respect and pageantry
After Twelve Days
Of stockpiling
Yet again
On January 7
Now the
Dead of winter
Long dark nights
Till spring
While Druids