Artist Portfolios

Annual rate: $50

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Artists log in and receive a User Name and Password. You will receive an e mail note when the template is activated.

When the portfolio page is posted to your satisfaction you will be sent an e mail invoice.

This allows for the ability to manage and update a page. The page is activated by clicking on the name of the individual from a pull down list. There is a box on the upper left corner of pages featuring a thumbnail and name of an artist on a rotating basis.

The top of an artist page is a slide show of images and captions. By logging into the site these images may be added or changed at any time.

There are areas to include: An artist's statement, Bio, and updated Events (latest  exhibition) and link to website. There will be contact information.

If the artist has articles on Berkshire Fine Arts there will be links to that coverage.

At the bottom of the page will be an area to select and purchase items displayed in the slide show. This includes works of art, crafts, and publications. To activate these sales individuals must sign up for PayPal accounts. Visitors may also contact artists directly if the information is provided. There is no comission and all sales go directly to the advertiser.