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Publisher & Editor. Charles was the director of exhibitions for the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University where he taught art history and the humanities. He taugh tModern Art and the Avant-garde for Metropolitan College of Boston University. After many years as a contributor, columnist and editor for a range of print publications from Art New England, Art News, the Boston Phoenix, the Boston Herald Traveler and Patriot Ledger, to mention a few, he went on line with Maverick Arts which evolved into a website.

Recent Articles:

  • Fourth Annual Faerie Festival Front Page

    Best So Far for North Adams Event

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 16th, 2019

    The fourth annual Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival, Saturday, June 15 in North Adams, was the best so far. It takes time to develop an event and get the word out. For the first time there was a full parking lot and long line when the fanciful gate opened at 10 AM. There was a full schedule of family activites for the next twelve hours.

  • Reading by Berkshire Author Steve Nelson Front Page

    Get Lit Wine Bar @ The Bookstore, Lenox, MA

    By: Steve Nelson - Jun 16th, 2019

    In 1967-68 Steve Nelson was the manager of the legendary rock and blues club The Boston Tea Party, and later ran The Woodrose Ballroom in western Mass. In his memoir Gettin’ Home: An Odyssey Through the ‘60s, he recalls the long and winding journey which took him from high in the Andes to become the foremost producer/promoter of concerts by The Velvet Underground. He will read from his book and chat about those times on Thursday, June 20 at 5:30.

  • Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival June 15 Front Page

    Bowe Field, 371 Old Columbia Rd., Adams, MA

    By: Faerie - Jun 14th, 2019

    In the shadow of mystical Mt Greylock there will be a gathering of elves and wizzards for the fourth annual Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival. The event, which is fun for kids of all ages, will occur on Saturday, June 15, 2019, 10 am – 10 pm at Bowe Field, 371 Old Columbia Rd., Adams, MA.

  • Gabrielle Barzaghi: The Tzar’s Children Front Page

    Gloucester’s Trident Gallery

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 14th, 2019

    Trident Gallery in Gloucester is presenting Gabrielle Barzaghi: The Tzar’s Children. There will be a discussion wth the figurative /narrative artist on Sunday, June 16, at 4 PM.

  • Sweet Texas Reckoning Front Page

    Award Winning Play by Traci Godfrey at Artemisia

    By: Nancy Bishop - Jun 14th, 2019

    The play won Artemisia’s 2016 Fall Festival of new play readings. Julie Proudfoot has been working with Traci Godfrey since then to refine the play for Artemisia, which is dedicated to new feminist plays that center on women who own their own narratives.

  • Como el Iguana Word

    By: Melissa de Haan Cummings - Jun 14th, 2019


  • A Walk in the Woods Front Page

    North Coast Repertory Theatre

    By: Jack Lyons - Jun 13th, 2019

    Playwright Lee Blessing, back in 1988, debuted his fact-based drama “A Walk in the Woods,” about two arms negotiators; one American John Honeyman (J.Todd Adams) and one Russian Andrey Botvinnik (David Ellenstein), is now wowing audiences at North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach, CA.

  • Actually at TheaterWorks Front Page

    He Said She Said

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 12th, 2019

    A major part of freshman orientation on many campus is about Title IX – sexual activity, consent, the school’s policies and the penalties that may result from violation of these.

  • Kit Steinkellner’s Ladies Front Page

    Boston Court Theatre, in Pasadena

    By: Jack Lyons - Jun 12th, 2019

    The story is based on The Blue Stocking Society of 1750 London. It was a society of creative, sophisticated, and educated women; women who came together to discuss literature, philosophy, and art in their London homes. They sought to bring the conversations and opinions of the day that were happening in the men’s private clubs and coffee houses into the parlor room where women could participate as well.

  • Linda’s Café in North Adams Front Page

    Berkshire Diners and Dives

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 11th, 2019

    Across the street from our loft in North Adams is the breakfast and lunch joint Linda's Cafe. When out and about doing errands it's an option for cheap grub. Joe and Jodi urged me to do more local restaurant reviews. On my own dime this is what I came up with. If you're a tourist don't bother to read this. Locals come for the awesome blueberry pancakes.

  • Georges Bizet’s Carmen Front Page

    At San Francisco Opera

    By: Victor Cordell - Jun 10th, 2019

    Carmen is conducive to fresh, modernized productions, often with changes in time period, geography, and more. Here we have a traditional approach, including the original spoken dialogue, which mark it as an opera comique. This rendition confirms why the opera has stood the test of time.

  • 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Front Page

    About Face: Stonewall, Revolt and New Queer Art

    By: Nancy Bishop - Jun 09th, 2019

    About Face: Stonewall, Revolt and New Queer Art commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a spontaneous rebellion by gay activists after a police raid on a gay bar in Greenwich Village. Curated by Jonathan David Katz, Ph.D., activist, art historian, writer and university professor, the exhibit features almost 500 works of art in every conceivable media.

  • The Flamingo Kid at Hartford Stage Front Page

    Delightful New Musical

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 07th, 2019

    Darko Tresnjak is going out with a delightful, tuneful musical that will touch your heart. For his last show as artistic director at Hartford Stage he has directed the world premiere musical, The Flamingo Kid now through Saturday, June 15.

  • Mingo’s Sports Bar North Adams Front Page

    Summer Lobster Festival

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 07th, 2019

    Check out the summer long lobster festival at Mingo's Sports Bar in North Adams.

  • Dr. John at "77" Front Page

    Voodoo Hoodoo at MASS MoCA in 2002

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 06th, 2019

    New Orleans master Dr. John has died. Perhaps he was 77 but like most aspects of the musician it is yet another factoid swathed in swamp gas. On June 1, 2002, with singer Jimmy Scott, he jammed the inner court yard of MASS MoCA. Over the years I covered him numerous times including his witch doctor Gris Gris phase in the late 1960s. He long ago earned a spot in the pantheon of America's greatest musical tradition.

  • Brian Wilson Cancels Tanglewood Front Page

    BSO Has Special Offer for Ticket Refunds

    By: BSO - Jun 06th, 2019

    Tanglewood would like to offer ticket buyers the opportunity to exchange into any concert at Tanglewood this summer, with the exception of the James Taylor performances on July 3 and 4, which are sold out. Patrons who choose to exchange their Brian Wilson ticket(s) for another Tanglewood performance (see list below) will receive an additional bonus, an undated Tanglewood lawn ticket—a $24 value—for each ticket exchanged, valid for any Boston Symphony or Boston Pops concert throughout the season (not valid for Popular Artists Series concerts).

  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Front Page

    From Chicago’s Lookingglass to Princeton’s McCarter

    By: Nancy Bishop - Jun 06th, 2019

    Last year was the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s landmark horror novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, which explains why we have been able to see four different versions of the Frankenstein story on stage in Chicago during this theater season. The final production of this series is Lookingglass Theatre’s Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, written and directed by David Catlin. After August 4 it transfers for a three week run at Princeton's McCarter Theatre Center.

  • Canadian Curator Claude Gosselin Turns 75 Front Page

    Founded Biennale de Montréal

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 05th, 2019

    Today, June 5, friends will gather to celebrate the 75th birthday of the curator Calude Gosselin. Not having visited Montréal in some time we made plans for travel in the fall. That changed abruptly when we were bumped off a flight to the U.K. From the road we called Claude and told him we would arrive in a couple of hours. It was great to catch up. Since the 1980s he has curated major exhibitions including Les Cent jours d’art contemporain de Montréal and Biennale de Montréal. We covered many of those projects.

  • Arthur Miller's All My Sons Front Page

    On Broadway at Roundabout Theatre

    By: Karen Isaacs - Jun 04th, 2019

    The three main characters – Tracy Letts as Joe, Annette Bening as Kate and Benjamin Walker as Chris deserve the accolades they have received. Each has mined the character so that the subtext is revealed. Letts and Walker are totally believable as father and son

  • MFA Addresses Recent Incident of Racism Front Page

    An Open Letter from Director Matthew Teitelbaum

    By: MFA - Jun 03rd, 2019

    A group of 26 middle-school students with chaperones from the Helen Y. Davis Leadership Academy visited the MFA on May 16, 2019. They were on a self-guided visit. Before leaving the Museum, the group filed a complaint with Member and Visitor Services that they were met with racism and verbal abuse from visitors and staff during the visit. In an open letter to the MFA Community its director Matthew Teitelbaum details the museum's response and plan of action.

  • First Nations at Art Gallery of Ontario Front Page

    A Third of the Museum’s Gallery Space

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 03rd, 2019

    During a recent road trip we visited museums in Montreal, Ottowa and Toronto. We noted different strategies to intergate First Nations artists into special exhibitions and permanent collection galleries. A third of the exhibition space of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto features First Nations artists. With an unfavorable comparison only a handful of American museums have a commitment to feature Native American art and culture.

  • The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee Front Page

    Bestiality Explored by Berkshire Theatre Group

    By: Charles Giuliano - Jun 01st, 2019

    On his 50th birthday the architect Martin (David Adkins) is on the cusp of loss and gain. He is forgetting things like why he has entered a room. A lifelong friend Ross (Josh Aaron McCabe) is taping a TV interview. He is young to win the Pritzker Prize. But Martin is too distracted. Probing the problem Ross pushes Martin to admit to an affair. No biggie. But, it ensues, his beloved Sylvia is a goat. The late play by Edard Albee The Goat or Who is Silvia? won a Tony for best new play in 2002. Since then it has been regarded as controversial and problematic. We discover why in a tsunami production directed by Eric Hill for Berkshire Theatre Group.

  • Deep Dirt on Annie Lennox Front Page

    Installation of Detritus at MASS MoCA

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 31st, 2019

    As an epic memento mori the 64-year-old British pop star has created “Annie Lenox: Now I Let You Go…” A huge mound of earth scattered with her memorabilia will be on view long term at MASS MoCA. The ambitious installation will be of great interest to her global fans.

  • A Man for All Seasons Howie Levitz Front Page

    Photographer, Piano Man and Raconteur

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 30th, 2019

    In 1969 Howie and Dale Levitz moved to the Berkshires when he became head of the photography department at Williams College. After seven years they opened a photo store which had a smaller iteration on Holden Street in North Adams. He was the piano man with a vast command of songs. Howie loved to entertain with tales, anecdotes and jokes. He passed away over the Memorial Day weekend.

  • Hold These Truths by Jeanne Sakata Front Page

    Stunning Solo Show by Joel de la Fuente

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 29th, 2019

    The one person, one act play "Hold These Truths" by Jeanne Sakata focuses on the true story of Gordon Hirabayashi. After Pearl Harbor he was among 120,000 Japanese Americans who were relocated to prison camps in the South West. He was charged with the crimes of violating curfew and refusing to report to a detention center. He fought the charges to the Supreme Court. He and two other dissenters lost their cases. Invoking war powers as supreme commander Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 9006 was upheld as constitutional. Decades later Hirabayashi, by then a professor of sociology, was cleared of all charges. In 2012 Persident Barach Obama awarded him The Presidential Medal of Honor.

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