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  • Pool (no water) at 9th Space Theatre

    Mark Ravenhill Returns To New York City

    By: Edward Rubin - May 30th, 2012

    One thing you can definitely say about the eye and ear catching titles of British playwright Mark Ravenhill’s plays, like the language his characters speak, is that they are lean, mean, and always to the point. And sometimes, like his London hit play Shopping and Fucking (1996) which the New York Times reviewed under the title Shopping and ****ing when it opened at the New York Theatre Workshop in 1998, unprintable.

  • The Year Of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion Theatre

    St. Augustine's A Classical Theatre

    By: Edward Rubin - Nov 01st, 2011

    From the very opening of play when actress Anne Kraft, comes downstage, front and center, and anxiously tells the audience with great insistence that “This happened on December 30, 2003. You might think that's awhile ago, but you won't when it happens to you. And it will happen to you. That’s what I am here to tell you,” we just know that we are in for an emotional ride. Just how great of a ride we were to find out during the play’s 2 hours (one intermission) as we watched the actress’s body and soul, mind and heart, twist and turn, as she slowly morphs into Everywoman, if not Joan Didion herself.

  • Big, Bold, and Undeniably Ambitious Fine Arts

    Jonathan Prince at the Sculpture Garden in New York City

    By: Edward Rubin - Oct 18th, 2011

    At first glance, Prince’s monumental sculptures appear to be nothing more than simple geometric forms, a square with a broken edge, a column with its top gouged, and couple of circular sculptural riffs, one resembling a large distressed pill set on edge, the other a partially eaten donut doing a clever balancing act. On closer examination the lively simple shaped quartet begins to take on an otherworldly, if not quasi-religious cast.