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  • Dead Outlaw at the Minetta Lane Theatre

    The Crew from Band's Visit Reunites

    By: SusanHall - Mar 29th, 2024

    Dead Outlaw is Audible’s latest production at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York.  The band is central on stage from start to finish. We enter the world of a rocking hoe-down celebrating life after death.

  • Morgan Bulkeley at Bernay Fine Art

    Great Barrimgton Group Show Opens March 30

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 28th, 2024

    Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the world of cartoons and illustrations as Bernay Fine Art presents ARToons. This vibrant exhibition promises to enchant both the young and the young at heart.

  • Williamstown Theatre Festival's Beth Hyland

    Wins L. Arnold Weissberger New Play Award

    By: WTF - Mar 28th, 2024

    Williamstown Theatre Festival is pleased to announce Beth Hyland as the recipient of the 2024 L. Arnold Weissberger New Play Award for her play SYLVIA SYLVIA SYLVIA. Hyland will receive the $10,000 award and the accompanying $10,000 Jay Harris Commission to write a new play.

  • Queen

    TheatreWorks Fine Production About Bees and People

    By: Victor Cordell - Mar 26th, 2024

    In 2017, the world's bee population has plummeted, putting the food supply at risk. Two research assistants at University of California Santa Cruz have produced research that identifies the source of the die off, but then one last data collection undermines the previous results even though their paper is about to be published. The play confronts the dilemmas that researchers deal with.

  • The Taming of the Shrew

    Ft. Lauderdale's Thinking Cap Theatre

    By: Aaron Krause - Mar 26th, 2024

    Thinking Cap Theatre in Ft. Lauderdale presents an updated "The Taming of the Shrew" at Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The production takes place in a modern-day office building. The reading of a play that is a response to Shakespeare's piece is also scheduled.

  • King Liz

    Breaking Down Barriers in City Lights' Smashing Production

    By: Victor Cordell - Mar 25th, 2024

    Overcoming odds, Liz Rico has become a highly successful basketball agent. She now must represent a first-round draft pick who lacks college experience and maturity. Further, he has a police record that the media could pick up on. In this dramedy, she must determine how to handle the conflicts of managing the relationship with the client and the broader community.

  • Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida

    A Three Ring Circus of Art

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 22nd, 2024

    The Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida is one of the most unique, and curious collections in America. It is sited on a manicured, tropical, 66-acre campus that conflates nature, leisure, warmth and depth in Old Master paintings, Ancient Mediterranean art, Asian art, 19th and  20th century art, prints, drawings and photography, as well as extensive circus related memorabilia. There are period rooms with collections of decorative arts. Through expansion it is now the 20th largest American museum.

  • Emancipation: The Unfinished Project of Liberation

    Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA)

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 22nd, 2024

    On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Not long after that, John Quincy Adams Ward (1830-1910) created the bronze sculpture “The Freedman.” It depicts a semi-nude seated figure in the act of his removing shackles. Resembling the iconic Roman “Boxer,” the work was arguably the first bronze sculpture to depict an African American.

  • Power of Stillness

    Present Moment Awareness

    By: Cheng Tong - Mar 21st, 2024

    One exercise I suggest to my students is a “slow by slow” day each week:  walk just a little slower than you usually walk; speak just a little slower than you usually speak; eat just a little slower than you usually eat.  Not slow motion, and not so anyone else would notice, but slower than usual. 

  • Doubt Revived by Roundabout Theatre

    John Patrick Shanley's Timely Masterpiece

    By: Susan Hall - Mar 22nd, 2024

    Doubt, John Patrick Shanley’s justly celebrated play, is running at the Roundabout Theatre in New York directed by Scott Ellis. 

  • Escaped Alone at Yale Rep

    Signifying Nothing

    By: Karen Isaacs - Mar 22nd, 2024

    I admit to still being perplexed. It kept reminding me of the Shakespeare lines from MacBeth, which begin “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,/Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time;” and ends with “It is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, /Signifying nothing.”

  • The Hot Wing King

    At Hartford Stage

    By: Karen Isaacs - Mar 22nd, 2024

    It is easy to see why this play won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2021. The play is about family, friends and dreams. It is about the challenges we all face in navigating the potential pitfalls in families and the difficulties of new romantic relationships.

  • Pooches at the Clark

    Walking the Dogs

    By: Clark - Mar 18th, 2024

    On Friday, April 19, the Clark Art Institute offers free activities as part of its April School Vacation Week programming. At 10 am, the Clark hosts Earth Walk with Dogs, offering three walks through its trails, ranging in difficulty. From 11 am–1 pm, the Clark presents a pop-up display of dogs and nature-themed works on paper in the Manton Study Center for Works on Paper, located in the Manton Research Center.

  • Erin Go Bragh Yourself

    Luck of the Irish

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 18th, 2024

    Once a year I get to celebrate my half Irish heritage with a vengeance. That means corned beef and cabbage and raucous singalong at the Freight Yard Pub in North Adams.

  • Berkshire Jazz Festival

    Tickets on Sale

    By: Ed Bride - Mar 18th, 2024

    Starting with an open jam session and ending with a jazz brunch at Dottie’s, the events include the popular Jazz Crawl, a swing dance, the jazz prodigy concert introducing two (!) young musicians to Berkshires audiences, and headline concerts featuring Brandon Goldberg and Marcus Roberts. The box office is open, and you can find a link at the end of this newsletter.

  • Pipeline

    The Dangers of Growing Up Black in America

    By: Victor Cordell - Mar 18th, 2024

    In response to provocation, Black private-school-student Omari has crossed a line with his White teacher. The boy's mother, Nya, who is a teacher, is conflicted, as she values the rules that serve to protect society, but she understands that her son is a good boy with a future now in peril. Dominique Morisseau's riveting play explores numerous issues of race and relationships, and African-American Shakespeare's production does the play justice.

  • Carnegie Hall Supports Young Musicians

    Nezet-Seguin Conducts the National Youth Orchestra of the USA-Alumni

    By: Susan Hall - Mar 18th, 2024

    The National Youth Orchestra-USA Alumni performed works by George Gershwin and Dmitri Shostakovich at Carnegie Hall. Yannick Nezet-Seguin conducted. Daniil Trifonov performed Gershwin’s Piano Concerto in F with flair, flash and deep feeling.

  • Conflating Lovecraft, Mugar and Houellebecq

    iterary Sources for an Artist’s Work  

    By: Martin Mugar - Mar 18th, 2024

    Of course my painting is not in the realm of the noxious monsters of Lovecraft but the eventual push of the visual event off the surface seems to speak to a similar aggressive desire to reach out and engage the viewer. It also begins to abandon the pleasant color field that had dominated my work from the beginning of the millennium. 

  • The Far Country

    Berkeley Rep's Fine Version of a Drama Set in Nearby Environs

    By: Victor Cordell - Mar 15th, 2024

    Gee, a Chinese immigrant living in San Francisco, wishes to visit China but needs documentation that will ensure his return. To obtain that, he must undergo interrogation at the notorious Angel Island detention center. Because of the Chinese Exclusion Act, immigration officials are loathe to facilitate entry and re-entry into the U.S. by Asians, who are crafty in developing strategies to overcome the resistance.

  • American Composers Orchestra at Carnegie

    Continuingto look at weimar and its Repercussions

    By: Susan Hall - Mar 15th, 2024

    The American Composers Orchestra joined Carnegie Hall’s musical exploration of the Weimar Republic.  Central to the evening’s presentation were two pieces:  One, ‘Pirate Jenny’ from Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s Threepenny Opera.  The other ‘Clans’ from Lowok Shoppola of the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma.

  • Mother by Kelsey Shultis at Eclipse Gallery

    New Paintings and Works on Paper

    By: Eclipse - Mar 15th, 2024

    The paintings of Mother explore the diverse aspects of Motherhood, from the Divine Feminine to the Kitchen Witch.

  • Dara Haskins at Corridor ’62

    When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint Them

    By: Charles Giuliano - Mar 12th, 2024

    It was energizing to meet the 31-year-old artist, Dara Haskins, who was born in Baltimore and now lives in Philadelphia. We found it impossible to resist her charm and enthusiasm. She was eager to sell me a small painting but I fended off stating that I was there as a critic. Her intent is to raise enough money to return to Cuba where she recently resided for a month.

  • Williams Collage Art Museum

    Designs for Its Stand Alone Venue

    By: WCMA - Mar 07th, 2024

    Prominently located at the western entrance to the Williams College campus and the town, the new Williams College Museum of Art is conceived to serve the College, the local community, and visitors to the Berkshires through a cluster of four program areas. While slightly set apart like pavilions, the better to accommodate their multiple uses, the program areas are unified through their materials, their openness to the natural setting, their organization around a central gathering place, and a distinctive overarching roof that shelters them all.

  • The Clark Art Institute Selects Bénédicte Savoy

    2024 Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts Writing.

    By: Clark - Mar 07th, 2024

    The Clark Art Institute has selected Bénédicte Savoy as the recipient of the 2024 Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts Writing. Savoy is a professor of art history at Technische Universität in Berlin and is a noted expert on the provenance and repatriation of works of art, including looted art and other forms of illegally acquired cultural objects.

  • Moulin Rouge the Musical

    Equity Production in Ft. Lauderdale

    By: Aaron Krause - Mar 08th, 2024

    Moulin Rouge the Musical is gorgeous to look at but slight on story An equity national touring production runs through March 17 in Ft. Lauderdale's Broward Center for the Performing Arts. Much of Moulin Rouge carries the celebratory aura of a party.

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