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  • In Session

    Panels on Anti Racism in Museums

    By: MoCA - Nov 11th, 2020

    MASS MoCA and the Berkshire Cultural Resource Center (BCRC) at MCLA are launching In Session, a series of four panel discussions on anti-racist work in museums, streamed live on MASS MocA's YouTube channel and Facebook page beginning on Thursday, December 10, at 6pm EST with upcoming dates to be announced soon.

  • Young Musicians Tune Out Covid

    At The Monmouth Conservatory of Music

    By: Jessica Robinson - Nov 10th, 2020

    Where once technology was thought to be the death knell of human social interaction, it is now bringing us together. During this pandemic, arts institutions worldwide have been regrouping and finding ways to keep going virtually. The Monmouth Conservatory of Music is no exception. Living in this altered reality, unable to gather in-person as they normally would, the school has gone all-out to ensure the beat goes on for its young musicians (some as young as 5!)

  • Licensing Available for Trilingual Our Town

    Miami New Drama Premiered Production in 2017.

    By: Aaron Krause - Nov 07th, 2020

    The script for a trilingual production of Our Town is available for licensing. 'Concord Theatricals has acquired licensing rights. Miami New Drama commissioned the adaptation and staged the world premiere in 2017.

  • Controversial Philip Guston Show Rescheduled

    To Open at the MFA on May 1, 2022

    By: Matthew Teitelbaum - Nov 05th, 2020

    Postponed Philp Guston exhibition rescheduled. The first of four venues will be the Museum of Fine Arts. It opens on May 1, 2022 and continue through that September 11. MFA director, Matthew Teiltelbaum, shares thoughts about the decision to postpone the controversial exhibition.

  • Irish Repertory Theatre's Touch of the Poet

    Ciarán O’Reilly Directs

    By: Susan Hall - Nov 01st, 2020

    The Irish Repertory Theatre was preparing to present Eugene O’Neill’s Touch of the Poet when Covid struck and theatres closed. Sets were ready. Costumes had been fitted. Most importantly, rehearsals were underway. Ever inventive, the troupe has re-grouped to put the production on streaming. The advantage of a set richly reflecting the progress of the drama is immediately evident. Our eyes rest on the stage.

  • Woodie King Jr. Wraps Up Octoberfest

    Stories About the Old Days by Bill Harris

    By: Rachel de Aragon - Nov 03rd, 2020

    Stories About The Old Days closes this delightful retrospective with a nostalgic reflection on the meaning of faith, art and friendship. Richardson-Jackson's direction provides an evocatively genuine space as the light filters through the red and gold stained glass windows of an old church. This two-person piece, is atmospheric, a feat which masterfully conquers the restrictions of the “zoom” style presentation.

  • HBO’s Coastal Elites

    New York City’s Public Theater.

    By: Edward Rubin - Nov 05th, 2020

    Another pre-and post-COVID-19 slanted offering, muchly peppered with condemnation of Trump and the current administration, was presented one time only this past September. HBO’s Coastal Elites was originally written by playwright and novelist Paul Rudnick, intended to be performed at New York City’s Public Theater.

  • Chantal Zakari at Kingston Gallery

    A Work in Progress

    By: Kingston - Nov 01st, 2020

    For the past two years, Chantal Zakari has been exploring the connected histories of the Watertown Federal Arsenal, and of the buildings and the people who worked within them.

  • Warhol and Calder

    Divagations on Jed Perl's Second Volume of Calder

    By: Martin Mugar - Oct 30th, 2020

    As I began to think about finishing my reading and reviewing Jed Perl’s monumental second volume of the life of Calder, the art world was inundated by the responses to the publication of Blake Gopnik’s thousand page book on Warhol. Yet again Mugar ferries us across the Styx of contemporary art history.

  • Tyshawn Sorey Plays His Deck

    Alarum Will Sound in Video Chat

    By: Susan Hall - Oct 31st, 2020

    Newark, New Jersey has given us Philip Roth and LeRoi Jones among others. Now we have Tyshawn Sorey, moved south to a studio in Philadelphia, 'conducioning' at a triptych of computer screens on which seventeen performers have gathered to create one of Sorey’s Autoschhiams, a spontaneous composition.

  • Berkshire Theatre Group Gift

    $1 Million in Memory of Mary Anne Gross

    By: BTG - Oct 29th, 2020

    Berkshire Theatre Group announcees a gift of just over $1 million dollars from the family of the late Mary Anne Gross in honor of her lifetime love of both theatre and the Berkshires

  • Provincetown Arts Press

    35th Anniversary Zoom Gala

    By: Provincetown - Oct 28th, 2020

    Provincetown Arts Press celebrates 35th Anniversary Gala, which will be held on Tuesday, November 19 from 7–8pm via ZOOM, and announces the launch of its first Silent Art Auction, which will open on November 1.

  • Jefferson Mays As Ebenezer Scrooge

    Award-Winning Actor To Star in A Christmas Carol

    By: Aaron Krause - Oct 29th, 2020

    Jefferson Mays will star in a new production of A Christmas Carol. Proceeds will benefit the hard-hit theater community, which has been devastated by the pandemic. A worldwide release is set for Saturday, Nov. 28.

  • Moliere in the Park Takes Flight

    The School for Wives as Fresh as Now

    By: Susan Hall - Oct 26th, 2020

    We have been introduced to streaming technology across the boards in this time of Covid. It is a global experiment, which, whether or not it is smooth and realizes the intentions of the creators, is welcome. It provides connection. Safe connection as we are socially distanced. An opportunity also for grand experiments. The School for Wives produced by Moliere in the Park leads the way.

  • Visit the Atelier des Lumières, Paris, France.

    A Magical Van Gogh Exhibit

    By: Susan Hall - Oct 28th, 2020

    Missing Paris? Van Gogh? Music? Impresario and superb clarinetist Joseph Rosen points the way to a magical Van Gogh exhibit with "Vincent" sung by Jim van Der Zee. Enjoy!

  • Laced By Samantha Mueller

    A Thinking Cap Theatre Virtual Production

    By: Aaron Krause - Oct 26th, 2020

    Thinking Cap Theatre’s ‘Laced’ will leave you hopeful for better days. The South Florida theater company is presenting a virtual production of Samantha Mueller's play. The engagement continues and ends this coming weekend.

  • New Federal Theatre Presents Octoberfest

    Five Plays to Insp0ire

    By: Rachel de Aragon - Oct 25th, 2020

    Woody King Jr.'s Federal Theater presents Octoberfest: Five plays that reawaken, inspire, and remind us of the struggle for freedom and dignity of African-Americans. Each piece, with its own history of previous production success, has been re-imagined. Billed as readings, seasoned actors and directors take us to a new form of theatrical communication in the “zoom style” medium.

  • Closer Than Ever In South Florida

    MNM Theatre Company To Stream Musical

    By: Aaron Krause - Oct 27th, 2020

    West Palm Beach-based MNM Theatre Company to mount virtual production of the musical revue Closer Than Ever. The stream will be available starting on Nov. 27 and remain online through Dec. 31. Due to the pandemic, MNM Theatre Company has cancelled or postponed all live shows.

  • Charles Henri Ford's Timeless Photographs

    At Mitchell Algus Gallery

    By: Jessica Robinson - Oct 24th, 2020

    Charles Henri Ford was America's first surrealist poet. He was also an artist, photographer, editor, publisher, diarist, filmmaker, painter, sculptor and world-class name-dropper. In the course of his ninety-three years he met everyone: Jean Cocteau, Dame Edith Sitwell, Paul Bowles, Salvador Dali, Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe.

  • Dancer Marge Champion at 101

    Longtime Berkshire Resident

    By: Charles Giuliano - Oct 23rd, 2020

    Marjorie Celeste Belcher was born in Los Angeles in 1919. She was known as Marge Champion when she married her dance and life partner, Gower Champion, in 1947. They had two sons and divorced in 1973. A resident of Stockbridge she was a familar presence at Berkshire arts events. She died this week at 101. Remarkably, she continued to dance into her 90s which became the subject of a short film

  • Russian Troll Farm – A Workplace Comedy

    Live Streaming from TheatreWorks

    By: Karen Isaacs - Oct 24th, 2020

    TheaterWorks is streaming live a production of Russian Troll Farm – A Workplace Comedy by Sarah Gancher. It is available through Nov. 2; the actors are performing from three different sites. It’s a coproduction with TheatreSquared of Fayetteville, Arkansas and in association with The Civilians.

  • Trevor Paglen at Williams College

    To Deliver Annual Plonsker Family Lecture in Contemporary Art

    By: WCMA - Oct 22nd, 2020

    Artist, geographer and author Trevor Paglen will present a talk titled “Machine Visions” as this year’s Plonsker Family Lecture Series in Contemporary Art at the Williams College Museum of Art. The free talk will be held at 6 p.m. ET Friday, Nov. 6, online via Zoom.

  • Mark St. Germain's Typhoid Mary

    Barrington Stage to Stream October 30 & 31

    By: Barrington - Oct 21st, 2020

    Mark St Germain's Typhoid Mary will be filmed in advance with the cast performing remotely. It will be available to stream on October 30 & 31 at 7:30 pm ET. The ever more timely play premiered at Barrington Stage Company in 2018.

  • Richard Nielsen This Is Not a Gag

    Opening at MASS MoCA on November 7

    By: MoCA - Oct 21st, 2020

    In March 2020, Los Angeles-based artist Richard Nielsen began painting portraits of people in their COVID-19 face masks. On view at MASS MoCA, This is Not a Gag includes his first set of 49 paintings. Presented in a Zoom-like grid, the series shows the determination behind the eyes of artists, writers, and friends of the artist and MASS MoCA. The subject’s faces may be covered, but variations in masks and individual expressions speak volumes about our lives today. These paintings are not about the pandemic, per se, but about the fiercest and finest parts of human nature.

  • Howardena Pindell at The Shed

    Artist, Filmmaker, Curator Brings Black Experience Close

    By: Susan Hall - Oct 22nd, 2020

    Howardena Pindell exhibits at the Shed. "Working on my commission for the Shed has been a very rewarding and healing experience. It allowed meto conceptualize an idea as a result of an experience I had as a child. I put it forth as a performance piece to a group of white women artists at the AIR Gallery where I was a founder in the early 1970s. They turned it down. I was the only non-white member of the gallery.

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