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  • Corona Cookbook: Congee

    With Cubed Potato and Cabbage

    By: Pippy Giuliano - May 07th, 2020

    While Pippy Giuliano is a vegetarian she superbly prepares meat for her husband Yuri. This is a breakfast or dinner that they both enjoy.

  • Corona Cookbook: Baking

    Yum Cake from Fast Eddy

    By: Edward Rubin - May 10th, 2020

    One might say that the New York critic best known as Fast Eddy is a tad eccentric. When he came to visit in the Berkshires he sent a long list of ingredients. He came with a friend and invited two more from Connecticut. We were relegated to cleanup. For dessert he baked rum cake. The recipe is found here. It was indeed divine and we became friends with his friends. Typical of Fast the formatting here is as topsy turvy as it was sent.

  • Corona Cookbook: Baked Splatchcock Chicken

    Cooking from Old Cape Cod

    By: Erica H. Adams - May 08th, 2020

    Erica is an artist/ photographer who lives on Cape Cod. We keep up with her on Facebook.

  • Corona Cookbook: Leg of Lamb

    Marinated Over Night

    By: Phillip S. Kampe - May 07th, 2020

    This preparation of boneless leg of lamb entails overnight marination. The Greeks prefer to serve it fully cooked.

  • Opera Philadelphia Digital Festival

    We Shall not Be Moved Reprised

    By: Susan Hall - May 09th, 2020

    We Shall Not be Moved was a hit at the 2017 Opera Philadelphia Festival, a must-attend event held in Philadelphia in the fall. It is available on Facebook, Sunday, May 10 at 7pm.

  • Remembering Little Richard

    When Rock Was Young We Had So Much Fun

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 09th, 2020

    It was summer of 1954 when I scoured downtown Gloucster to cop a copy of "Rock Around the Clock." A couple of years later Little Richard busted out with "Tutti Frutti." There has never been anyone like him before or since. He died this week at 87.

  • MASK MoCA Indeed

    A Friend in Need

    By: Joe Thompson - May 08th, 2020

    MASS MoCA is in pain as are all of us. Joe Thompson appeals for our help. For now in North Adams its MASK MoCA.

  • George Segal at Green Gallery

    On this Day, May 8, Back in 1962

    By: Judith Stein - May 08th, 2020

    Rembering when George Segal first exhibited at Dick Bellamy's Green Street Gallery on May 8, 1962

  • About My Painting by Pieter de Hooch

    A Woman Seated by a Window with a Child in the Doorway

    By: Allen Hirsch - May 07th, 2020

    I look to a painting on my wall by the 17th century Dutch painter, Pieter de Hooch. It is a domestic scene of a mother calmly peeling turnips in a corner while a child enters the threshold carrying a flask and a plate, smiling down at a little dog looking up in anticipation. I am relieved.

  • The Remarkable Mario Diacono

    Opened a Boston Gallery in 1985

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 26th, 2020

    The status of the Italian poet, essayist and gallerist, Mario Diacono, is legendary. To be with his wife Claudette, a native of Lynn, Mass, he moved to Boston and opened a gallery in 1985. He was renowned for showing a single work for which he wrote scholarly essays. Then relatively affordable he made few Boston sales of the now renowned artists he exhibited. The Museum of Fine Arts bought a Ross Bleckner painting and appropriation by Sherrie Levine. Most of the work was acquired by the Italian collector Achille Maramotti. Today Diacono is a curator for Collezione Maramotti.

  • Shaker Museum, Mount Lebanon

    Call For Art

    By: Shaker - May 07th, 2020

    Shaker Museum, Mount Lebanon invites the public to participate in a community engagement project, “Call for Art: In Union, Remotely,” with artwork which may be submitted in a variety of mediums.

  • Corona Cookbook: Sydney Sauce

    Cooking Down Maine

    By: Sydney Roberts Rockefeller - May 06th, 2020

    Sydney who lives Down Maine is cursed by shellfish allergy, She still craves lobster in summer with friends. All that it's cracked up to be but for now no longer possible.

  • Corona Cookbook: Baked Cod

    At Home with Artist Susan Nichter

    By: Susan Nichter - May 06th, 2020

    Artist Susan Nichter shares another way to cook cod.

  • Theatre and the New Normal

    The View from My Sofa

    By: Nancy Bishop - May 06th, 2020

    Since we have to do without live theater for the foreseeable future, however, theater on my sofa can be an excellent replacement.

  • Corona Cookbook: Parmesan Wonton Crackers

    Michael Bedford Cooks

    By: Michael Bedford - May 05th, 2020

    Our Eclipse neighbors Michael Bedford and Sarah Sutro spent many years living and working in Asia. Here he concocts a handy snack that will freeze well.

  • Corona Cookbook: Eggplant Parm

    Chicago Critic Nancy Bishop

    By: Nancy Bishop - May 05th, 2020

    Chicago critic and fellow ATCA member is taking a forced leave from covering theatre. She walks us through her Eggplant Parm.

  • Carona Cookbook: Spanish Tortilla

    Kampe's Familiar Breakfast Treat

    By: Phil Kampe - May 06th, 2020

    Phil and Maria spent several months in Spain before the pandemic hit. They share what was a typical Spanish breakfast. Served cold it is also a familar tapas item in bars,

  • Corona Cookbook: Scallops

    From Artist Linda O'Brien

    By: Linda O'Brien - May 04th, 2020

    An artist neighbor, Linda Obrien, of the Eclipse Mill in North Adams is an amazing home chef. Food for her is a passion. We have been fortunate to share meals with her and Opie.

  • Composer Anthony Davis Wins Pulitzer

    Propulsive, Hummable Opera, The Central Park Five

    By: Susan Hall - May 05th, 2020

    Anthony Davis wrote for dance first, so he sees his music as driving action. To the traditional forms of European opera, he brings the music of his people, African Americans. Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington are honored in his work. He likes to provide for improvisation, so that each performance is unique. The Central Park Five premiered in Long Beach Opera last year.

  • Corona Cookbook: Bitter Lemons

    Big Boy's Lemonade

    By: Charles Giuliano - May 04th, 2020

    When life serves you lemons, make lemonade.

  • Corona Cookbook: Ramps

    Kampe Ramping Up

    By: Phil Kampe - May 05th, 2020

    There is a narrow two week window when foraging for ramps. Both the leaves and bulb of this member of the onion family are unique. Each year Phil Kampe returns to his secret spot for a culinary treat.

  • Carona Cookbook: Lunch

    Carl Chiarenza's Soup and Sandwich

    By: Carl Chiarenza - May 04th, 2020

    Carl Chiarenza is a renowned photographer and art historian. This is what he had for lunch in Rochester.

  • Do the Math

    Response to the Unmasked

    By: Cheng Tong - May 04th, 2020

    We are all connected; we are one. One plus one is one. There is even a word for this. That word is love. As difficult as it may be sometimes, it is nonetheless the answer.

  • Gallery Naga On Line Only

    Nicole Chesney and Rick Fox

    By: NAGA - May 04th, 2020

    To mark the beginning of another month in this surreal and uncertain time, Gallery NAGA will present the third solo exhibition of glowing, ephemeral paintings by Nicole Chesney and luscious, Irish landscapes on paper by Rick Fox.

  • Corna Cookbook: Cod

    Food and Wine Critic Phil Kampe

    By: Phil Kampe - May 04th, 2020

    Food, wine and travel writer Phil Kampe is a superb home cook. Hunkered down in the Berkshires he creates intutitive responses to family recipes and extrensive travel with Maria Reveley. We have much enjoyed his masterful cuisine.

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