Portfolio of Lucinda Shmulsky

Artist Statement

As a resident of New England I have a great reverence for the tools and artifacts that embody our cultural heritage. I salvage bits and pieces of our history by collecting parts such as: distressed wood, rusty tools, broken antiques and vintage silver and brass items.

I combine these parts in unique ways to preserve and extend their life through an aesthetic transformation in my collection of "Antiques & Assemblages." Each assemblage has a focus or theme: maritime, agrarian, figurative etc.; parts are carefully selected to enhance the theme. Reflection and discernment guide this process, so others can discover the natural beauty and charm of our New England heritage as it emanates from these unique sculptures.



  • Received a BA and MA Degree from Goddard College Plainfield, VT
  • Obtained Certification to Teach Visual Arts K-12 &
  • Elementary Education K-8


  • 1986-1992 Fine Arts Exhibition's Coordinator at Simon's Rock of Bard College Alford, MA
  • 1983-2010 taught Art K-6 at Farmington River School Otis, MA

 Art Educator Grants:

  • Massachusetts Local Cultural Council Grants
  • The Berkshire Taconic Foundation Grants
  • The Bill Crofut Fund
  • The Farmington River Initiative for Regional Excellence Fund

Galleries & Exhibitions:

  • The Provincetown Art Association & Museum Provincetown, MA
  • The cape Cod Museum of Art Dennis, MA
  • The Cape Cod Art Association Barnstable, MA
  • The Berkshire Museum Pittsfield, MA
  • The Meeting House Gallery New Marlborough, MA

Recognition & Awards:

  • September 2011 selected as a juried member of the Cape Cod Museum of Art Dennis, MA 
  • September 2010 "Malfeasance" won first prize in the "All New England 2010" juried show at the Cape Cod Art Association
  • November 2009 article published in "Arts & Activities" magazine entitled: "Integrating the Curriculum: Art & Literacy."
  • October 2007 selected by the National Center for Early Academic Excellence as an Educational Advisor to the "National Young Scholars Program."
  • September 2007 nominated for inclusion in the Honors Edition of "Cambridge Who's Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Teaching and Education."
  • August 2007 selected as a juried member of the Cape Cod Art Association
  • August 2007 "Fish" won first prize in CCAA juried members show
  • June 2006 attained "Highly Qualified" teaching status under the requirements for the "No Child Left Behind Act."
  • April 1987 Received the National Art Educator's Award with student artwork in paper mache sculpture; selected for exhibition at The National Art Educator's Convention at the Marriot Copley Place Hotel in Boston. The six foot high sculpture "Bonzo the Clown" was published in the April 1987 edition of "Arts & Activities" magazine along with an article written by Lucinda Shmulsky.

Contact Information

42 Adsit Crosby Road
New Marlborough, mass 01230
413 229-6631

Artwork Acquisition

All sales commence directly with the artist or their representation. Some artist elect to sell there works directly through this site, others request one on one contact with interested parties. After you select the works you are interested in you will either be directed to a check out system or an inquiry request form.

  • "Country Circle" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Mast Hoop, Horse Hame, & Cow Bell
    Dimensions:24"wide x 32" high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Poppycock" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Carriage Jack, metal rake, and slate base
    Dimensions:20" wide x 28" high x 18" deep
    Price: - upon request
  • "Twitter II" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: School Desk, Wood Clamp, Silver Forks, & Brass Filigree
    Dimensions:18" wide x 28" high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Red Snapper" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Barnboards, Hand Saw, & Spring Coil
    Dimensions:66" wide x 10" high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Promenade" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description: Antique: Indian Exercise Pins, Brass Buckle & Candle Cup
    Dimensions:9"wide x 20"high x 9"deep
    Price: - upon request
  • "Brothers" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Wood Fencing, Catalytic Converters, Eel Spear, & Plumbing Wrench
    Dimensions:34"wide x 62"high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Welcome" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Chimney Cupboard Door, Wrought Iron Strap Hinges & Sleigh Part, Leather Strap with Brass Bell
    Dimensions:15"wide x 72"high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Malfeasance" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:First Place in Sculpture Award: All New England Show - Antique: Distressed Wood Salvage, Silver Fork, Brass Knob, Wrought Iron Lamp Part, & Vintage Potato Hoe,
    Dimensions:18"wide x 42"high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Hummingbird" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique Jack, Brass Trivet, & Escutcheon
    Dimensions:42" wide x 27" high x 4" deep
    Price: - upon request
  • "Diamond Eyes" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Distressed Wood Plank, Cast Iron Plate, Metal Frame, Vintage Pitch Fork, & Glass Eyes
    Dimensions:44"wide x 88"high x 8"deep
    Price: - upon request
  • "The Caravan" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Vintage Wooden Toys, Wine Rack, Brass Finials, & Filigree Metal Brackets
    Dimensions:36" wide x 31" high x 5" deep
    Price: - upon request
  • "Moonlight Regatta" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Barnboards, Three Wood Planers, Silver Plate, Brass Stars, & Splash of Paint
    Dimensions:48"wide x 24"high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Stubborn" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Antique: Boot Jack, Paper Roll Cutter, Hand Tool, & Cast Iron Parts.
    Dimensions:34"wide x 20"high x 8"deep
    Price: - upon request
  • "Sunday Best" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:Vintage Brass Urn, Newel Post Finial & Brass Spittoon
    Dimensions: 8" wide x 34" high
    Price: - upon request
  • "Fish" - By:Lucinda Shmulsky

    Description:First Place in Sculpture Award:Cape Cod Art Association. Split Wood Plank, Fire Place Tong, Saw Blades, Brass Lamp Ring, & Wroght Iron.
    Dimensions: 32" wide x 18" high
    Price: - upon request