Gerard Malanga at Architecture for Art Gallery

Hillsdale, New York Exhibition January 21 to February 26

By: - Jan 19, 2012

G G G G G G G G Gail Burns G

Ghostly Berms
Fotos by Gerard Malanga
Architecture for Art Gallery
2633 Rt 23
Hillsdale, New York
January 21 to February 26
Opening Saturday, January 21, 5-7 PM

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Poem for Stamos. Andy at 80.

This weekend the superstars, what’s left of us, will gather in Hillsdale, New York for a celebrity packed opening of an exhibition by Gerard Malanga, at Architecture for Art Gallery. Malanga, who performed the famous Whip Dance with Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, is waxing bucolic.

Gosh. Who knew?

The G, as he is known to friends, will be showing a series of black and white landscapes, signifiers of the man made devolving back to nature, under the rubric of Ghostly Berms.

Good grief.

This is a different side of him since he moved out of that densely cluttered, books and archive repository in Brooklyn.

The ultimate city kid- no driver’s license, can’t swim- has gone country on us.


Now decades past helping Andy to make silk screens or shoot screen tests and enervating, arty movies.

Mostly the G globe hops showing vintage images of poets, musicians and glitterati.

But landscapes?

Now this is something different.

Can’t wait to check it out.

How time flies when you’re having fun.

We keep in touch by phone.

Usually when something notable happens to our shrinking critical mass of friends.

Despite constant threats and promises.


We haven’t had much face time in the past decade.

So near and yet so far.

Even as the crow flies the distance is miniscule.

He doesn’t drive and we’re always busy.

You know how that goes.

So it will be a thrill to check the eggs in his basket.


Not exactly but you know what I mean.

The G is totally awesome.

As he said on the phone last week.

Everyone will be there.

What’s left of us.

What all and whatever.

Film at 11.