• Karoo Restaurant

    Taste of South Africa on Cape Cod

    By: Charles Giuliano - Apr 01st, 2017

    The name Karoo derives from a semiarid region of South Africa. In local dialect the term translates as “land of thirst.” But you will find the cuisine of Chef Sanette Groenwald, of Afrikaner Dutch heritage, to be no mirage. This a great place for exotic cuisine on Lower Cape Cod.

  • Lobsta Land in Glostah


    By: Charles Giuliano - Sep 21st, 2016

    During visits to Gloucster dining at Lobsta Land has always been an inviting option. Not this time however.

  • Pigeon Cove Tavern

    At Emerson Inn, Rockport, Mass.

    By: Charles Giuliano - Sep 04th, 2016

    With a magnificent ocean view from the terrace Pigeon Cove Tavern at the Emerson Inn in Rockport coudn't have been better. There was a perfect mix of fine dining, ambiance and impreccabler service.

  • A Restaurant Find: Pleasant & Main

    Housatonic's Gem.

    By: Philip S. Kampe - Aug 13th, 2016

    Located in the hamlet of Housatonic, is Pleasant & Main, a restaurant with charm, character and wonderful food at reasonable prices.

  • Bright Ideas Brewing at MoCA

    Last Call at 7 PM in North Adams

    By: Pit Bulls - Jul 23rd, 2016

    It seems like a win win. Bright Ideas Brewing offers uniqely crafted beer, ale and root beer in a high concept industrial space on the Mass MoCA campus. On every level from eccnetric hours, to noise levels and a flub on food it's time to rethink the business plan.

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